March 7, 2003.

Minor code fix to admin/adminfeatures.php passing $table_prefix variable to functions.
Version 2.7-pre4 is available.
Patch file pre3 to pre4.

March 4, 2003.

Minor code changes to functions to include $table_prefix variable.
Version 2.7-pre3.zip is available.

Latest Release!

Feb 28, 2003, March 1, 2003 minor fixes to pre1
A prerelease version is now available. Free Realty 2.7-pre2 is available to download.
This version incorporates many of the changes coded by Tom Anderson (TOMA) below and should give a clean upgrade using upgradasaurus2.7.php. Other minor changes and fixes as listed in the CHANGELOG.
The demo is available to check out online.

First release!

Jan 16, 2003
Announcing the first release of Free Realty code. The numbering system is picking up where I left off with OR at 2.6-2.
Download the full Free Realty zip file. A patch file is also available.
To install the full version you will need to create a directory for it to live in such as /var/www/realty, change to your new directory and unzip the file. To apply the patch file you will need to be using an unmodified OR 2.6-1 install. Change into your realty directory after copying the patch file and issue the command patch -p1 <ortofr.patch that should do it.
Note: minor fix to common.php line 17 made. There was a missing ; at the end of the line. This is in the current upload.
Unmodified 2.6 OpenRealty code
OpenRealty 2.6-1 minor code fix (one character) in /admin/agenteditor.php page.
If you choose to make the change to the file yourself, open agenteditor.php and look at line 128. Change agentpassÊ to read agentpass

Some code fixes to make Yahoo! Maps work correctly. map patch
Extract the file (tar xf map.tar)into your installation directory and run 'patch -p0 < 2.6-1.map.patch'

Posting by toma on the OpenRealty board:
This work was done for a client of mine. I started with the current openrealty version and added the ability for the site admin to dynamicly create new features for homes. The features are searchable. http://toma.kicks-ass.org Click here to see these changes in action.
A new function was added to the common.php page to create a db connection because I hated having the code at the top of each page.

Installation instructions for my version of Openrealty:
setup your database as detailed in the readme supplied with the current version. Go to the admin/configurator.php page to have it create the default tables. Next, run the admin/tha-update.sql on your database. THIS SQL WILL DO BAD THINGS TO A DATABASE WITH DATA IN IT. Only use this program when you are starting from scratch. To run the sql, try
mysql -u root -p yourdatabasename < tha-update.sql

That should be it. The sql will populate the new features table with the current features in openrealty. To add new features or to remove current ones, go to the /admin/ directory and click 'Manage Home Features".

You can email me at toma@etree.org with any questions.

code/archive/2.6/tha-openrealty-0.3.tar.gz Download the complete, edited openrealty here.
This code has been changed to fix some bugs. The new download is here code/archive/2.6/tha-openrealty-0.5.tar.gz

Patch openrealty 2.6 to toma's 0.3 version
Patching is as simple as
  1. make a directory to be your base such as 'realty'
  2. Unzip the openrealty26-1.zip into your realty directory.
  3. Copy the 0.3.patch file to your realty directory
  4. Run patch -p0 <0.3.patch

Patch openrealty 2.6 to toma's 0.5 version
To patch openrealty 2.6 to 0.5
  1. Unzip the openrealty26-1.zip into your realty directory.
  2. Copy the 0.5.patch file to your realty directory
  3. Run patch -p0 <0.5.patch

Patch an existing 0.3 install
  1. Copy the 0.3to0.5.patch file to your existing realty directory
  2. Run patch -p0 <0.3to0.5.patch

If you need these tools for Windows, checkout the Windows Utilities Page which has links to a couple of different packages that will help you out.
Suggestions on code and site development should be sent to freerealty < at > rwcinc.net

Next step is to add a discussion board or maybe a mailing list, or both.
Oh yeah... the mailing list is set up November 19, 2002

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Suggestions on code and site development should be sent to freerealty < at > rwcinc.net

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