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Testing has been ongoing, few bugs if any remain. If you do find some, let us know. As of version 2.8.3 this content is now in a file named content/main.php. index.php is more of a template/framework than the file with everything in it. Note that there are also two other files here named agent_feature.php and featured.php. agent_feature.php is code to list all agents. featured.php is the code to list featured property on the index.php (or any other) page.

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So easy, even a real estate agent can do it! Free Realty, based on Jon Roig's original Open Realty is a free, open source real estate listing manager. Intended to be both easy to install and easy to administer, OpenRealty uses PHP to drive a mySQL backend, thus creating a tool which is fast and flexible.

While the basic version of Free Realty can be downloaded for free, members may be available to customize it for your specific needs. Feel free to contact the mailing list for developers

If you are interested in upgrading an existing Free Realty v2.6 install please use the upgradasaurus2.7.php file. Note: this will modify your database it is highly recommended that you backup your database using mysqldump. This version allows multiple installs on the same database using the $prefix_table variable set in common.php.


Of course, Free Realty is written entirely in PHP, which makes it easy to customize and revise to match the look of your website.

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Version 3.1

$Id: CHANGELOG,v 2.33 2011-12-23 03:49:48 pat Exp $
Changes in 3.1-0.6
Patrick Fleming
Some minor fixes

Changes in 3.1-0.5
Patrick Fleming
This time, really fixed accountedit.php. 
Also bug fix to agent images

Changes in 3.1-0.4
Patrick Fleming
Fixed broken accountedit.php, reported by Dave Eversole

Changes in 3.1-0.3
Patrick Fleming
Fixed broken behavior in install30.php

Changes in 3.1-0.2
Patrick Fleming
Fixed broken upgrade script
Changes in FR-3.1
Patrick Fleming
Changed sort functions to display by city in alpha order.
Fixed reverse links in similar floorplans and nearby code
Added generic link to preview listings if there is no title entered

Changes in FR-3.0 rc10
Patrick Fleming
Replace deprecated ereg_replace() throughout
Fixed up minor errors in admin property and agent administration

Changes in FR-3.0 rc9
Patrick Fleming
Minor bug fix in propview.php

Changes in FR-3.0 rc8
Patrick Fleming
Fixed Input validation error that allows login bypass.
Added simple search in agentadmin.php to speed up property management
Corrected id variable in admin/agenteditor.php 
Code clean up; removing commented out code sections
Moved property view code from propview.php to includes/func.php
Changes in FR-3.0 rc7
Patrick Fleming
Modifications to common.php
Added a default admin and password to install30.php if admin user and 
 password $_SESSION variables are somehow blank.
Fixed state id and codes for 
 Delaware, Iowa, Maine and Montana
 Thanks to Jim Hoy for pointing it out to me
Fixed nav_jump code to pull cur_page variable from $_GET array 
Bug report by antn00n
Added code to previewlisting() to properly sort by id
Bug report by James821
Removed extra quotes around "selected" text in drop down menu items for heat, 
 style, etc.
Bug report by James821
Fixed homes notes not showing up on agentadmin.php page
Bug report by Antn00n
Added sections to admin/agenteditor.php to allow editing of admin type users
Fixed includes/func.php. Login function would kick out authorized users
Changes in FR-3.0 rc3
Patrick Fleming
Moved more property admin functions from agentadmin.php into 
Fixed nearby and floorplan editing bugs in admin/admin.php
Changes in FR-3.0 (August 2007)
Patrick Fleming
Version checking in /upgrades
Moved most configuration options into database
Major changes to upgrades and install scripts for new database structure
New common.php file format
Moved states.php info into database
Moved property status into database
Moved property type into database
Moved property style into database
Moved heat type into database
Set defaults for city, state, status in database
Added more normalization for data tables and field names
Added database configuration editor
Cleaned up fields for owner, phone etc. in homes table - proper joins with 
 agents table
Fixed errors in addagent.php - headers already sent and agent acount creation
Added file sitemap.php - creates a link to each property for spiders and bots
Location of admin folder now in database making it easier to move.
#Moved nearby and similar floorplan properties into new table
#Added option to block "reverse" nearby and similar floorplan links

Still to do 
#Add javascript based editor to text fields in agentadmin and admin/admin.php
Changes in FR-2.9-0.8 (March 2006)
Updates to layout throughout 
freerealty.css updated
Removed deprecated scripts subfolder


Changes in FR-2.9-0.6
Patrick Fleming
Udates to common.sample.php and install files added new variable $friendlyurl
 allows setting up an htaccess file in combination with setting the variable to
 make search engine friendly links. Currently these are rewritten to 
 propview.php due to being in a subdirectory on the demo site.
Added a limiting checkbox to features searching to select properties 
with *all* of the selected features; narrows the search.
Minor code fix in agentadmin.php - wasn't saving the current_user as the owner
 of the image files. Creates problems when trying to delete.
Changes to display code. popup.php will now have a size no smaller than 100x200
 and no larger than 600x800 based upon what the height and width fields have.
 These changes are applied in propview which calculates the size of the popup 
Added output for the $_FILES variable to the debug code.  
Changes in FR-2.9-0.5
Patrick Fleming
Minor bugfixes
Changes in FR-2.9-0.4
Patrick Fleming
Some minor bugfixes
Changes in FR-2.9-0.3
Patrick Fleming
Fixed line in install.php. log_level['view'] was not being written to the 
 common.php file during the install.php script.
Fixed image delete bug in admin/admin.php and agentadmin.php. Images were not
 being deleted with the listings.
Rewrote the nearby and floorplan display code. Moved the code into a function.
 Also only shows if there is something in the array. 
Some cleanup of display code. Added more comments to freerealty.css

Changes in FR-2.9-0.2
Patrick Fleming
Bug fixes throughout.
Added image_order to the database allows an agent or admin to select which 
 order photos should display on a listing.
Fixed adminfeatures for use with globals.
Added admin/debug.php. Inserting $debug = "y"; into common.php will spit out
 debug code- Just the variables right now, but might be expanded to include 
bug reports by Scott Wang, anna1721, gregorsamsa

Changes in FR-2.9-0.1
Patrick Fleming
Fixed links back to web page
Minor changes to image rendering in content/featured.php and propview.php
Added test for logged in user in templates/user_top.php displays Log Out link
 if user variables are set
Fixed variable in admin/admin.php. When creating a new listing, the script would
 error on "propnum"=>"$current_user". For this script we want it to be "propnum"
 =>"$propnum". Images were not being properly linked in the db. 
 bug reported by Scott Wang scott@scottscomputing
Changes in FR-2.9 (4/21/2005)
Patrick Fleming
Made some minor changes to the query in content/featured.php
 These reduce the load on MySQL and redo the actual queries for featured
 listings that need photos to show.
Made some changes to freerealty.css - added comments to help describe
 the layout.
Added a favicon.ico file and a background image for a default site.

Changes in FR-2.9 pre release 3 (4/03/2005)
Patrick Fleming
Finally got the duplicate featured properties fixed
Completed the move from included html files to php files in templates
Renamed /admin/admin_upper.html to /admin/admin_upper.php
Moved image upload code to func.php files affected:
Images now upload to either the database or to files on the server. 
This feature has been requested for some time. To the end 
user the change is seamless, to the admin some changes must 
be made to accomodate these changes.
Made some changes to the yahoomaps feature - try setting $yahoomaps = 'G' in 
common.php (Thanks Jake ;))

Changes in FR-2.9 pre release 2 (2/20/2005)
Patrick Fleming
Fixed friendmail.php to check for valid email recipients, now does basic regex 
against the address
Lots of little changes throughout.
Added CSS for formatting and site look.

Changes in FR-2.9 pre release 1 (01/01/2005)
Basic install.php script which should allow novices to create their own 
common.php configuration file by answering a few questions, filling in 
some fields and clicking submit on the form.
Added an index page to updates directory.
Fixed bug that allowed logins without user/password when using the install.php 
  script and empty auth_user/ auth_pw combinations.
Changes in FR-2.9 pre release 1 (10/10/2004)
Patrick Fleming
Many many changes
A major 'under the hood' re-write of variables to allow this script to 
run on servers that have globals disabled in php.
Fixed bug that returned invalid result set when searching 
on property features.
Fixed bug that broke $require_admin for setting up new users
Added variables that allow login names and passwords to be plain text or 
hidden the variables are set in common.php using $hide['user'] and $hide['pw']
Changed behavior in admin.php and agentadmin.php: hitting enter in the address 
bar would erase a listing's contents.
Now hitting enter in the address bar returns to the management screen if the 
submit button is not clicked. 
Added input fields for variables that were missing in a few different scripts.
Added links to create users in admin/admin.php.
Added a definition for temp_dir which allows the temp directory to be easily 
set across the scripts.
Added more documentation to /doc

Changes in FR-2.8.6-1 (06/16/2004)
Patrick Fleming

Fixed admin/admin.php for price range variables- code was in agentadmin.php
but not in admin.php.
Fixed variable in index.php for agent_gallery.php inclusion- set to check
agent_feature not agentfeature
Fixed duplicate properties in feature code

Changes in FR-2.8.6-pre4 (06/06/2004)
Patrick Fleming
agentadmin.php and admin/admin.php ask to confirm listing and image deletes
idea Jake Ortman

Changes in FR-2.8.6-pre3 (05/09/2004, 05/24/2004 )
Patrick Fleming
propview.php allows lookup by using the mls # in the url as in 
agentadmin.php admin.php code to allow image property editing. Change the 
 filename and title of an image in the db. Original idea/request by Jake

common.php allow better operation on Windows hosts- idea and code: 
 Martin Purcell

Changes in FR-2.8.6-pre1 (04/28/2004)
Patrick Fleming
Preliminary logging functions implemented
 Original idea/request by Jake Ortman
 Required changes to the database adding another table, changes
 to the common.php configuration file.
Changes in FR-2.8.5 (10/09/2003)
Patrick Fleming
Added code to include the property title and agent name in the title bar
 Original idea by Jake Ortman
 Added a FAQ- still needs work /doc/faq.php
Changes in FR-2.8.4 
Patrick Fleming
Added basic redirect to propview.php to allow outdated links, ie removed
 listings, to be redirected to a page defined as $local_404 and $refer_404 
 in common.php I believe the idea came from Jake Ortman, although others 
 have mentioned it on different message boards.
Ripped out function makelisting() from propview.php and stuck it in

Changes in FR-2.8.3 (8/13/2003)
Patrick Fleming
Added NetPBM options to thumbnail.php
Updated admin/convert.php to use ImageMagick and NetPBM tools
The convert.php script is not perfect, but works pretty well.
Content was moved from the index.php to files included from content/

Changes in FR-2.8.2 (8/9/2003) (Not publicly released)
Patrick Fleming
Added ImageMagick options to the thumbnail.php file

Changes in FR-2.8.1 (8/6/2003) (This was not publicly released)
Patrick Fleming
Minor fix to index.php to fix noimage results

Changes in FR-2.8 (7/30/2003)
Patrick Fleming
Moved navigation code from admin.php to a function in includes/func.php
includes/func.php uses $_GET[];
Updated common.php for PHP< 4.1 users
Added navigation code to agentadmin.php

Changes in FR-2.7-pre7.2 (7/29/2003)
Patrick Fleming
Moved the states dropdown to an external file templates/states.php
Fixed upload bug (that no-one reported) for the image files in admin.php
and in agentadmin.php

Changes in FR-2.7-pre7.1
Modified this file (CHANGELOG) to properly credit Tom Anderson for changes in 
admin.php. Tom created the code to use a drop down menu for agents.

Patrick Fleming
Minor bug fix in admin.php
Changed the behavior of upgradeasaurus2.7.php to set thumbnails to '' 
 instead of 'NULL'

Changes in FR-2.7-pre6
Patrick Fleming
Modified agentadmin.php /admin/admin.php and /includes/thumbnail.php
to do some file checking on image uploads.

Changes in FR-2.7-pre5
Patrick Fleming
Fixed missing $table_prefix in /admin/agenteditor.php
Deleted thumbnail.php since it didn't do anything
Added thumbnail.php to includes directory - changes throughout to integrate 
   thumbnail/preview images.
Modified the configurator.sql, configurator.php, upgradasaurus2.7.php
  due to changes to the db. 
Added admin/convert.php to pull images from an existing db, create 
 thumbs/previews and add back into the db.

Changes in FR-2.7-pre4
Patrick Fleming
Minor code fix in admin/adminfeatures.php passed $table_prefix to 
show_features() function.

Changes in FR-2.7-pre3
Patrick Fleming
Cleaned up code. Added $table_prefix to user created functions. Removed the 
reference in common.php to files needing modification for proper $table_prefix 
functionality. Removed $table_prefix from includes/features.php and from 
propview.php where it was seperately defined.

Changes in FR-2.7-pre2
Patrick Fleming
Modification to common.php to add $install_path variable. This was neccesary 
for proper functionality of the includes directory. Added/defined $table_prefix 
variable in several pages.

Changes in FR-2.7-pre1
Patrick Fleming
Major overhaul of the configurator.php file to include Tom Anderson's features 
code in new installs. Included a new file, upgradasaurus2.7.php, to allow an
existing 2.6 installation to upgrade to this version with feature code.
Added $table_prefix variable in common.php and in all files to allow use in an
existing db for those unfortunate enough to be stuff with one db by their host.

Changes in FR-2.6-2.1
Patrick Fleming
Minor change to admin.php to show agent name related to listing
Added includes directory. 
Code at the bottom of common.php *should* pull in any includes/*.php file
Added field for database that allows an agent to enter a title eg. Broker, 
Agent, CRS, etc.

Tom Anderson
 $link code moved into includes/func.php- removes the extra code
 at the top of each file to open the db.
 features.php file -- moved from top directory to includes by Patrick Fleming
 Added drop down selection for agents into admin.php.


January 16, 2003
Changes in FR-2.6-2 from OR 2.6-1
Patrick Fleming
Included license.txt file
Added this changelog file to package
Including the map view fix for Yahoo maps
Added $limit to queries in index.php
Minor bug fixes in admin.php and agentadmin.php

Ideas by: John Matson 2003
Added additional fields to agentadmin.php: Allows an agent to quickly glance 
to see whether a propery is featured, and which status is assigned in the db.
~line 911
Added 'Held' status with changes made to browse.php, index.php and propview.php
Added the same views to admin/admin.php ~line 866

Ideas By: Jake Ortman 2003
Edit common.php adding No Image selection for featured code.
Added $limit to common.php limits featured properties listed on index.php
Added checking for $noimage in index.php ~line 39

Changed the name to FreeRealty to avoid confusion with Jon Roig's ongoing 
project. FreeRealty is a fork of Jon Roig's original Open Realty project

FreeRealty can currently be downloaded from


Version 2.6 update (3-18-01):

Version 2.5.1 update (2-28-01):


Version 2.5 update (2-20-01):


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