So you want to know about this machine, eh?

April 2008
Now running a more powerful machine(by historical standards) with an 800MHZ Intel PIII CPU and 512MB RAM - since June 2007

October, 2005
Another machine that I run has caused poor performance on this machine. A couple of configuration tweaks should give better response times here. Upgraded the machine to a Fedora Core 4 install. It still has the 60G Maxtor as drive 2, but the main drive is 2G - smaller, but still mainly just boots up the OS. Sporting a whopping 128mb of RAM and a 400mhz Celeron it's better and faster than the old machine. Even better it was saved from certain death in the computer graveyard. Don't cry for the old machine, it's going to make someone a fine firewall machine- except I may have to replace that oversized drive with a fine 800mb drive, throw on a fine distribution like Slackware or maybe Net BSD or even the interesting looking FREESCO the router replacement project that fits on a floppy.
On March 28, 2005 added the php acceleration front end named php-eaccelerator. Pages should load a bit faster.

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