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Free Realty is primarily designed for real estate agents and offices to list properties on the internet. With Free Realty the end user does not need to be fluent in web page design. Read more in the demo site
This is a fork of software written by Jon Roig called Open Realty. Jon has moved on to version 3.0 while a number of users have requested continued development on the 2.x series.
Other sites of note regarding 2.x development www.1axn.com/gi-bin/openforum//ikonboard.cgi the original discussion board, before Jon opened up his own.

December 22, 2011

Minor bug fixes to admin/admin.php, fixed friendmail link
FR-3.1-0.6(tar.gz file)
FR-3.1-0.6 (zip file)
FR-3.1-0.6 (tar.bz2 file)

June 16, 2011

Minor bug fixes to accountedit.php
FR-3.1-0.5(tar.gz file)
FR-3.1-0.5 (zip file)
FR-3.1-0.5 (tar.bz2 file)

June 12, 2011

Minor bug fixes to accountedit.php
FR-3.1-0.4(tar.gz file)
FR-3.1-0.4 (zip file)
FR-3.1-0.4 (tar.bz2 file)

May 27, 2011

Bug fixes to install30.php
FR-3.1-0.3(tar.gz file)
FR-3.1-0.3 (zip file)
FR-3.1-0.3 (tar.bz2 file)

March 05, 2011

Bug fixes to upgrade script.
FR-3.1-0.2(tar.gz file)
FR-3.1-0.2 (zip file)
FR-3.1-0.2 (tar.bz2 file)

February 27, 2011

Minor bug fixes
FR-3.1-0(tar.gz file)
FR-3.1 (zip file)
FR-3.1 (tar.bz2 file)

June 23, 2010

Minor bug fixes
FR-3.0-0.rc10(tar.gz file)
FR-3.0-0.rc10 (zip file)
FR-3.0-0.rc10 (tar.bz2 file)

June 18, 2010

Minor bug in includes/func.php
Fix details on the Bulletin Board
Tiny bug in FR-3.0-8.rc8
FR-3.0-0.rc9(tar.gz file)
FR-3.0-0.rc9 (zip file)
FR-3.0-0.rc9 (tar.bz2 file)

June 14, 2010

Authentication can be bypassed in Agentadmin and admin login pages. The latest version should fix that.
FR-3.0-0.rc8(tar.gz file)
FR-3.0-0.rc8 (zip file)
FR-3.0-0.rc8 (tar.bz2 file)

October 25, 2009

Minor css file fixes to the project page.
Updated the Bulletin Board

February 03, 2008

Release 3.0-0.rc7
Lots of Changes - check out the CHANGELOG
Changed files FR-3.0-0.rc6 to FR-3.0-0.rc7
FR-3.0-0.rc7(tar.gz file)
FR-3.0-0.rc7 (zip file)
FR-3.0-0.rc7 (tar.bz2 file)

November 01, 2007

Release 3.0-0.rc6
Bug fixes in table creation
If you have rc5 installed you can download FR-3.0-0.rc5_to_rc6.zip for just the changed files.
FR-3.0-0.rc6(tar.gz file)
FR-3.0-0.rc6 (zip file)
FR-3.0-0.rc6 (tar.bz2 file)

October 29, 2007

Release 3.0-0.rc5
Bug fixes in login function and logout.php pages.
If you have rc3 installed you can download FR-3.0-0.rc3_to_rc4.zip and FR-3.0-0.rc4_to_rc5.zip for just the changed files.
FR-3.0-0.rc5(tar.gz file)
FR-3.0-0.rc5 (zip file)
FR-3.0-0.rc5 (tar.bz2 file)

October 24, 2007

Release 3.0-0.rc3
Additional bug fixes in admin.php, changes to install code to create larger column in configuration table
FR-3.0-0.rc3(tar.gz file)
FR-3.0-0.rc3 (zip file)
FR-3.0-0.rc3 (tar.bz2 file)

October 23, 2007

Release 3.0-0.rc2
Minor bug fixes in admin.php - add property code didn't display
FR-3.0-0.rc2(tar.gz file)
FR-3.0-0.rc2 (zip file)
FR-3.0-0.rc2 (tar.bz2 file)

October 17, 2007

Release 3.0-0.rc1
Changes throughout to move configuration options into the database, code cleanup towards the ongoing goal of separating logic and display code.
More information on changes on the FreeRealty 3.0 thread
FR-3.0-0.rc1(tar.gz file)
FR-3.0-0.rc1 (zip file)
FR-3.0-0.rc1 (tar.bz2 file)

June 6, 2007

Release 2.9-0.7.4
Minor fixes to admin.php and agentadmin.php fix implode errors. Added a default .htaccess file.
FR-2.9-0.7.4(tar.gz file)
FR-2.9-0.7.4 (zip file)
FR-2.9-0.7.4 (tar.bz2 file)

January 24, 2007

Release 2.9-0.7.3
Changes throughout to ignore case in configuration files. If your install is working fine, don't worry about this release.
FR-2.9-0.7.3(tar.gz file)
FR-2.9-0.7.3 (zip file)
FR-2.9-0.7.3 (tar.bz2 file)

June 29, 2006

Release 2.9-0.7.2-full
Bug fix - All Files. This is a complete install with bug fixes applied
FR-2.9-0.7.2-full(tar.gz file)
FR-2.9-0.7.2-full (zip file)
FR-2.9-0.7.2-full (tar.bz2 file)
Patch File
To install change to your FreeRealty directory and run:
patch -p0 <2.9-0.7_to_2.9-0.7.2.patch

Release 2.0-0.7.2
Bug fix - this is only changed files. Unpack over the top of 2.9-0.7

June 28, 2006

Release 2.0-0.7.1
Bug fix - this is only changed files. Unpack over the top of 2.9-0.7

December 8, 2005

Release 2.9-0.7 (note: 2.9-0.6 was skipped)
Bug fixes, minor feature enhancements, HTML validation
FR-2.9 - 0.7 gzip
FR-2.9 - 0.7 b2zip
FR-2.9 0.7 zip
All project files

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